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BICSI's Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual, also referred to as the TDMM, is a comprehensive resource for the design of information technology systems (ITS). It is the primary reference source for BICSI's RCDD credential.

The 13th edition of the TDMM is now available from BICSI.

The 13th edition will be used for all exam applications received after July 1, 2014.

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   Chapter 2: Electromagnetic Compatibility   (Quiz/Flash Cards — 15 questions)

   Chapter 3: ITS Cables and Connecting Hardware   (Quiz/Flash Cards — 15 questions)

   Chapter 4: Work Areas   (Quiz/Flash Cards — 15 questions)

   Chapter 5: Horizontal Distribution Systems   (Quiz/Flash Cards — 15 questions)

   Chapter 6: Backbone Distribution Systems   (Quiz/Flash Cards — 15 questions)

   Chapter 7: Telecommunications Spaces   (Quiz/Flash Cards — 15 questions)

   Chapter 8: Firestopping   (Quiz/Flash Cards — 10 questions)

   Chapter 9: Bonding and Grounding (Earthing)   (Quiz/Flash Cards — 12 questions)

   Chapter 10: Power Distribution   (Quiz/Flash Cards — 15 questions)

   Chapter 11: Telecommunications Administration   (Quiz/Flash Cards — 10 questions)

   Chapter 12: Field Testing   (Quiz/Flash Cards — 10 questions)

   Chapter 13: Project Management   (Quiz/Flash Cards — 7 questions)

   Chapter 14: Private CATV Distribution Systems   (Quiz/Flash Cards — 5 questions)

   Chapter 15: Distributed Paging Systems   (Quiz/Flash Cards — 5 questions)

   Chapter 16: Building Automation Systems   (Quiz/Flash Cards — 10 questions)

   Chapter 17: Data Network Design   (Quiz/Flash Cards — 20 questions)

   Chapter 18: Wireless   (Quiz/Flash Cards — 15 questions)

   Chapter 19: Electronic Safety and Security (ESS)   (Quiz/Flash Cards — 12 questions)

   Chapter 20: Outside Plant   (Quiz/Flash Cards — 12 questions)

   Chapter 21: Data Centers   (Quiz/Flash Cards — 5 questions)

   There will not be a Quiz or Flash Cards for Chapter 22: Health Care (insufficient content for questions)

   Chapter 23: Special Design Considerations   (Quiz/Flash Cards — 5 questions)

   Chapter 24: Residential Cabling   (Quiz/Flash Cards — 5 questions)